Jonathan Borge Lie


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Jonathan is the producer and manager of Volt Film. He worked as a producer and production manager for Flimmer Film where he developed and produced documentary films for all platforms, in Norway and abroad. Jonathan was the producer, production manager and assistant director on the multi award-winning DRONE, a film about the secret CIA drone war in Pakistan.

Before Flimmer Film he worked on several television programs broadcasted on Norwegian national television for Dinamo Story- such as Landeplage, Ingen Kjære Mor and The Nobel interview. Jonathan was the project manager at Human Rights Human Wrongs in 2012, the sole film festival to focus on human rights in Scandinavia. Jonathan was a in Volda and The Oslo Documentary Cinema. Jonathan studied documentary film production at Volda University College where he also served as the programmer for The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival.

Jonathan has a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology.