Recruiting for Jihad


Recruiting for Jihad is a film about Ubaydullah Hussain, a former leader of the Prophet´s Ummah, an Islamist group in Norway which want Sharia throughout the world. How has life in Norway between two cultures and two religions affected Ubaydullah to become the person he is today? Ubaydullah Hussain reveals where his hatred towards the West originates from and he gives us a frightening insight to his mindset that lures many western youths to IS. This film takes us inside the radical islamist group and gives us unique insight on the consequences of how a terrorist network operates on the ground in the Western world.

  • Director : Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfssen & Adel Khan Farooq
  • Producer : Lars Løge, Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfssen & Jonathan Borge Lie
  • Release : 2017
  • Lenght : 76
  • Country : Norway
  • Language : English, Norwegian, Arabic